Kanha Makhan

Millennium School

Kanha Makhan

Millennium School

Behind Agravatika, NH-2 - Masani Link Road, Mathura

Behind Agravatika, NH-2 - Masani Link Road, Mathura

Affiliated To The CBSE, New Delhi

CBSE Affiliation No :21382008 || CBSE School Code : 60837

Co-Curricular Activities


The index of the physical fitness of any person determines a major of the lifestyle of him in upcoming years. The role of the sports and the physical education cannot be neglected in the agenda of development of any individual. It is the best method to teach the lessons of the practical life to the developing future of the nation. Our school understands this fact and have laid a strong emphasis on same. We offer following sports facilities:

Cricket Horse Riding Football

Music Lab

Our ancient write ups described the music to be the food of the soul. It serves sheer audio experience and an aesthetic view of the same. The music and its experience will directly activate the sound cells of the brain. What fascinates children more towards the music? Well, it is not indulging any time of the mathematics or the arithmetic and is purely related to the soul. A direct expression of the statement, it is thought of to be a mandatory part of the curriculum and results into a holistic development of the child. A live demonstration of the culture, tradition and even the evolution of the mankind, we have an embedded system with experienced faculties to serve the best for your child. Our music studios cater to both, the choral and the instrumental music for all the students from primary to the senior wing.

Art & Crafts

Art is considered to be the direct expression of the brain. It is also believed that this has an impact on other subjects as well as it develops the creative brains of the human being. It helps children develop an intellect and lead on the social front. The recent reports of the prominent research institutes also certify the above mentioned facts. The importance of the art education can be foreseen from the mere fact that mathematics and writings are directly related the creative art of the human brain thus, the school focuses on the art and craft education being imparted to the students. We have well settled art studios and the faculties are well trained and equipped. In short, we have all the desired things in the pack to unleash the real talent of your child, to give him the world class exposure and help him achieve his true aspirations.

Dance Classess

We, at Kanha Makhan Millennium School, Mathura have a firm believe that dance in its all forms has to be an integral part of the curriculum as we shape the future of the nation. Dancing is just not an art but it is a complete exercise of the body and the demands of the coordination put the brain cells to job as well. This is a fair trick to pace our education strategy. We are having quite spacious dance classrooms enough to accommodate the choreographer and the students for various activities and even as a part of the fun and development agenda.

Hobby Clubs

Hobby is not just what the person spends doing in the leisure time but also has an impact in the shaping of the career at times. Many people have made a full time income out of the hobby activities. The synchronization of the mind, body and soul is possible if and only if the three are in peace and are exposed to utmost satisfaction. Hobby is seen as a distinct way to escape the hectic days at work and even the school schedules.
We, at Kanha Makhan Millennium School, Mathura, are offering different hobby clubs for the students of the primary to the senior sections. Our aim is to develop the interests of each and every student at our institution and thus, we approach all the hobbies with great deal of the zeal and the enthusiasm.

Events and competition

Competition is the current trend and to maintain the same brings out the best in any student. Apart from all the curricular activities offered by Kanha Makhan Millennium School, Mathura, to create a positive environment for our student to learn, grow and pursue their dreams, we organise various events and the competitions to keep the spirit of the competitiveness alive. This inspires the creativity and instils a sense of the discipline which adds to the personality development.
We keep organizing weekly, monthly and annually activities and competitions on different levels. They are intra class, inter class, intra wing, inter wing and so on. We are into the creation of the multi talented personalities who are simply, the best. Few of the many events we have been organising over the years are:

 Slogan writing
 Creative writing
 Poem recitation
 Story telling
 Rangoli making
 Music acts
 Fancy dress
 Role play
 ...and many more!

Blissful Moments

The co-curricular activities can be seen as a form of the informal education which plays a strong role to play in the making of an aspiring individual. One can never impart a holistic approach to the education with just focusing on the academics. The aim of such activities is to inculcate a sense of responsibility, team work, peacemaking, leader ship qualities, co-existence and many other undefined abilities and the development of the brain which leads to finer segregation of a better student. It also aims at making the students physically and mentally fit for the upcoming future and to develop the right attitude towards the life.
Added to the above text, the outdoor activities, if practised correctly, are just the right thing for the students. The students of our school are taken on several outdoor activities to explore the practical life and off the books knowledge. This prompts the quality adventure, appreciation of the art, literature and the culture, significance of the history, geography and other existing subjects. These activities are certainly an active part of our curriculum.

 Historical Trip
 Educational Trip
  Sand Pit
 Summer Camps
 School Tours
 Theme Days
 Theme Parties


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